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About us

Commercial project dedicated to documentary photography of all athletes. Our passion is to observe and share our observations of athlete life, choices, and experience.

Dragan Stojkic, 

born in 1973 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he lives and works today, married and father of two kids.

Dragan is a professional movie editor with experience of more than 20 years in editing news, commercials and TV series. 

He has always been passionate about photography and has a unique sensibility to capture the emotion at the right moment that triggers the AH! reaction from the viewers’ eye and heart.

He is a founder and lead photographer of Portrait of an Athlete, a unique documentary sports photography service.

Besides sports and the adrenalin it brings, he also loves the opposite: nature photography away from everyday urban living and also takes portraits of inspiring people.

He is motivated by people’s perseverance and dedication to follow their dreams and is there to capture everything that is along the way to success: pain, struggle, determination, passion, joy.

He has cooperated with and has clients among reputable brands like: Iron Man, Ocean Lava, Garmin, Adidas and Planet bike, and took portraits of some of most successful triathlon athletes of Balkan peninsula.

For cooperation feel free to contact Portrait of an Athlete here.