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Terms and conditions

Commercial project dedicated to documentary photography of all athletes. Our passion is to observe and share our observations of athlete life, choices, and experience.


Following are prices per Portrait of an Athlete photographer:

  • 1 day of PoaA service for an amateur: NET 300 EUR
  • 1 day of PoaA service for a professional: NET 600 EUR
  • 1 day of PoaA service for an amateur team: NET 900 EUR
  • 1 day of PoaA service a professional team: NET 1,200 EUR

Included in this price are:

  • Unlimited photos;
  • Unlimited videos;
  • Equipment insurance;
  • Photo and video editing of photos and videos made during a day;
  • Photos and videos delivered via download.

Not included:

  • All travel and accommodation expenses to shooting location.


  • 50 % payment is made in advance before
  • If more than one Portrait of an Athlete photographers work, each
  • bills separately;
  • 1 day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59. If service extends to a new
  • day, additional day is billed.


  • Please email us when, where, and which sport you wish to shoot;
  • Our available photographer will contact you.