Everesting – 8848m – 24h – 1 climb


New challenge in endurance sport. 

Goal is to cycle, up one hill in loops, height of Mount Everest, 8848m combined, within 24 hours.

Vladimir is a coach for endurance athletes and a long Serbian long distance triathlon record holder. 

He is living in Pancevo, small city, near Belgrade, in Vojovdina. 

That region has one special characteristics. 

It is mostly flat. 

It is used to be bottom of the “Panonian sea”, disappeared 600.000 years ago.

Vladimir wanted to put Serbia on “Everesting” map.

“You come to the race to collect the medal. Medal are earned at training” is his moto.

He is keen cyclist. 

“300km” club, has a new member.

A month ago, riding his bicycle from Pancevo to Babushnica, he joined the club. 

Swim and run are his basic needs also. 

He has qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, birth place of triathlon, for the third time.   

Vladimir picked up Kopaonik mountain, popular skiing resort and a part of largest mountain range in Serbia, with the highest point at 2017m.

He took preparations for  the climbs seriously, by going two time to test multiple climb options. 

He needed 7 climbs to achieve the goal. 

Vladimir picked up south side of the mountain for the climb. 

It has less traffic, but  it is more steep. 

All the height is concentrated in 20 km. 

From the north side is 30 km. 

Plan is to start, early morning, at 04:00am.

Expected end to be around 23:00 pm. 

My plan was to follow him, all the way on the motorcycle, and to capture everything. 

We have arrived two day before the event.

Main logistics and support came form “Skyrunning Serbia association” 

Great outdoor team devoted to the mountains and open spaces to the end. 

They have set up base tent on top, with all the necessary stuff, food, water, spare bike, etc. 

Night before the climb has arrived.


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