Frozen lake ice skating and exploring

Obedska bara, 40 min ride from Belgrade, still water nature reserve.

Nebojsa Atanackovic, photographer and blogger ( invited me to join him on ice skating adventure over frozen lake.

In the spring time, Nebojsha was kayaking over the high water, which flooded most of the park, dirt roads, sings, everything was submerged.

We arrived at location, temperature was perfect, there was no hesitation to step on ice.

After small argument with local keeper, and another friend arrival, we deployed the skates and cameras.

Ivan Bon joined us,.

Ivan trained speed skating and ice hockey for a long time and his skating style is spectacular.

Snow covering the ice was little to high, but everything went perfect.

We changed our spot in order to explore kayaking adventure region.

By the side of the road there are enormous blocks of artificially planted trees, in perfect order and distance from one another.

Tree patterns, with ice and Sun streaks formed surreal, dreamy atmosphere.

I have had a flashback of a scenes from Andrei Tarkovskys movie,”Stalker”.

We continue, searching for the tree where Nebojsha took great pictures while kayaking.

We did not find the tree, but, we find a small frozen stream covered with overlapping branches, completely frozen.

Skates and cameras where deployed once more.

Stream has two parts.

Nebojsha wanted to test second part.

Ice did not look too thick all the way.

He did a small walking-photo test, on the wery edge of the canal.

Our fears where materialised.

His foot passed trough thin ice.

His feet was wet, our adventure was over but, fully hearted and smiling we returned home.

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